Monthly Archives: May 2014

A crazy place to build a nest


Oystercatchers choose some crazy places to build their nests! The car park at Cruden Church is surely one of the craziest. I was up at the church this afternoon to take some photographs and as I got out of the car I saw her sitting there up against one of the white fence poles. She had had a quiet time today because the congregation had been sharing in worship with St James’ Church up the hill and there had been no service at Cruden, and so no cars. She is in for a shock next week. I do hope there are not too many funerals bringing lots of cars during the week. I plan to keep an eye out for her and see if she is able to hatch her two eggs.





Gurgling Water

The challenge: to take a landscape photograph with evidence of movement – a dynamic landscape The technique is to put the camera on a tripod and use a very slow shutter speed to allow the movement of water, grass, leaves or even cars or people to blur. Easy, I thought, and left it to the very last minute.
But not as easy as I thought. My first location was Cruden Bay. However the bright sunshine would not allow me to set a slow enough shutter speed. There was virtually no wind, the sand was sparking, there were hardly any waves and the tide was at it lowest. I came home without a single picture.
The early morning sun today gave me a second attempt. I decided to revisit a couple of the sites I had used before, when researching the bridges over the Water of Cruden. The result is a set of atmospheric early morning (6.30 am) pictures in a little beech wood at Dudwick where the burn gurgles through the Den of Auldmaling, with the sun beginning to peep through the leaves. The light was low enough, and I managed to get the blurred water I was looking for.






From there it was on to the bridge at Mill of Auchleuchries. The sun was just in the right position and the water was sparkling – a big contrast to the moody beech wood I had just visited. The picture is all right, but not quite as sharp as I would have liked.

Maybe I will try the waves again on the shore, but for that I will have to wait for some more wind, and less sun. A photographer is never happy with the weather!