Monthly Archives: July 2014

Daisy Drift


What a difference a few months can make. On 19 October last year I took this picture of a digger levelling out the field where the temporary Hatton bridge had stood. All winter it was mud. But now in early July there is a beautiful display of daisies. It was quite a surprise to see them there when I returned to Hatton at the end of June after a couple of weeks away in London.

It just shows you that the wild flowers will take over if you leave them to it. Mind you, I am not so enthusiastic about the weeds that are growing in the garden, but they do say that the difference between a weed and a wild flower is where it is growing!


A flower and a beetle

I decided to spare this daisy. I had been weeding round my garage door but this lovely little daisy seemed to have made itself at home in the gravel, cuddling up to a little stone that one of our grandsons had brought up from the beach. I watched as the sun came round and in the late afternoon I came out with my camera. Daisies are common flowers, but they are really beautiful. I wonder how long it will survive there beside the garage door?

At this time of year the two clumps of garlic in my garden burst into bright yellow flowers. Before I went back into the house I thought I might take another flower picture, but it turned out to be wildlife photography.


The little beetle, about a centimetre long was crawling in one of the flowers. I tried several shots and managed to capture it. The internet is a very useful resource. It only took me a couple of minutes to identify it as a Soldier Beetle (Rhagonycha Fulva). It posed quite happily for me, munching away at the little insects it was finding in the yellow flower. But then it decided it had posed long enough and off it flew into the apple tree.