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A walk in the woods

We enjoyed a picnic today in the bright winter sunshine at Strichen Community Park while watching the birds on the lake.  Then it was off for a gentle stroll along one of the many paths that meander through the pine woods.  Lily and Poppy certainly enjoyed the walk, even if they had to stay on lead – there were too many other dogs about.
We have enjoyed walks here before.  The people of Strichen must be congratulated for developing such a great community facility.

DSCF2084 DSCF2081 DSCF2080 DSCF2078

Winter sun at Buchan Ness

Buchan Ness is a small island linked to the village of Boddam by a footbridge. It is arguably the furthest easterly point on the Scottish mainland. But its real claim to fame is the magnificent lighthouse designed by Robert Stevenson (the grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson) which was built there in 1827.
Every time I drive to Peterhead I admire the lighthouse standing proud on the pink granite rocks. Over the years I have taken several pictures from the road and nearby Stirlinghill, but today was the first time I ventured over the footbridge and walked round the perimeter wall, snapping away in the February sunshine.
The picturesque red bands really draw the eye. They were hand painted there in 1907 as a distinguishing mark in day light. Little wonder the lighthouse is a favorite location for wedding photographs.
I have captured the lighthouse in the sunshine, now I want to wait for a stormy day and see if there are pictures waiting with a very different mood.
There are more pictures on my Flickr Page .

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Hunting for a winter picture

I set off today to try to find a picture to put at the top of the Blog.  I had been using a picture of daisies, but that does not seem right for midwinter.   The sun was shining brightly on the big field beside the Auchlethen road.  I often see deer here, but there were none today.   The picture looks OK in the usual format but it does not really cut down well to fit the top of the page.


I will just have to keep trying!

Watching me from the field on the other side of the road were some cattle, munching away at their elevenses.   I see them from time to time when I walk up this road – a couple of calves, a bullock as well as the mothers.   Unfortunately there was just too much contrast between the shadows and the bright snow, so no successful photographs of my spectators.


The cattle seemed quite unperturbed at the camera and even at the dogs.   I hitched Lily and Poppy up to a tree while I tried to take the pictures.   At least I got one picture which works quite well.


February brings the snow

We have had to wait for February this year to see any real snow in Hatton.  And still it was only an inch or so.   However Lily and Poppy were delighted to get their jumpers on and have a scamper in the field.


Poppy sails through the snow with no problem, Lily, though, seems to gather snow on her legs.  I remember one year when there was a lot more snow, her poor legs  more than doubled in size and the only way to get the snow off was to pop her into a warm bath.   She didn’t like that!




Yum, yum!



A cushion of snow.