Up for sale

Lily, Poppy and I had had a most enjoyable walk in Drinnie’s Wood near Fetterangus in Aberdeenshire.  The foxgloves, both purple and white were in full bloom beside the forest roads and I even managed to photograph a bumble bee as it rested on a bent-over thistle.


On our way home, I noticed a church building up on a hill. I had never noticed it before so I went to investigate.  This was Pitfour Chapel, build by the Ferguson Family who at one time owned the nearby Pitfour Estate.  It was their private place of worship.   Over the years, as I later discovered, it had fallen into ruins, but it has now been renovated and converted into a modern open plan house, and if you have in excess of half a million pounds to spend,  it could be yours.

I am not entirely happy with this photograph since the daisies which I spotted in the foreground  are not quite in focus.   I will have to wait for another fine day and try again.


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