The skies have it

Mary once commented to me how interesting are the skies we have in Scotland.  We had flown back home after a holiday abroad, where all we could see was blue sky.  Our Scottish skies are wonderful and varied.   As I write this morning, I am looking out of the window at the Cromarty Firth.  The water is a bright blue, the oil rigs parked in the firth are brightly illuminated in the sun, the sky is blue and there are white clouds drifting past.

Yesterday there was a lot more cloud cover, making spectacular dramatic skies. At times the sun would peek through, or there would be the streaks of rain showers  on the distant hills.   Little wonder yesterday’s pictures focussed on skies.

And it all started at dawn.  I took the picture through the window, looking east towards Nigg as the sun came up.   Yes the skies have it!

Cromarty dawn
Looking west towards Invergordon
A sea of wild flowers on the shore


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